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Want to start a business in Hungary and need a company? We can help you to find the best way to make business in Hungary with the perfect form of legal entity. We can also help to find the best (legal) way to pay taxes in Hungary. Our services are ready to arrange everything online.

Find the main questions to answer about starting a business in Hungary; we care about the solution.

Choosing the right business entity and taxation form is the foundation of any successful creative venture. That decision affects everything from the ownership structure, the decisionmaking, hirings, and financing to the tax implications of the business. We’ll help you choose the right business structure a taxation form for you, create and implement the best approach to formation, and advise you every step of the way.

Setting up a new company requires the following process

- Pick a company name;
- a hungarian seat (where all the official papers are held and where the Tax Authority can reach the company);
- at least one CEO (can be foreign or legal entity as well),
- the activities of the company shall be appointed (bills can be only made out in connection with these acitivities);
- the capital of a limited liability company sahll be at least HUF 3.000.000,-; for a company limited by shares at least HUF 5.000.000,-; It is not necessary the whole sum of the capital to be made available when estabilishing the company; but in case less than half of the capital is made available, no divident can be paid until the whole sum of the capital is not presented;
- a delivery agent shall be appointed for all the foreign person (member or CEO) in the company. The delivery agent can not be a lawyer, but the accountant is ok;
- the way of taxation (VAT subject or not, etc.) shall be specified during the registration process for the firs year;

Registration fees:

Companies can be incorporated in two ways:

1. By simplified process:
Incorporation: 2 business days (up to 8 business days according to Tax nuber procedure)
In the simplified electronic filing, the companies must use a standardized template for the articles of association.

2. By standard process:
Incorporation: 15 business days

Along with the submission of the registration application, the court also registers companies with the State Tax Authority (for VAT and income tax purposes)

The lawyer's fee depends on the complexity of the required company and starts from EUR 400+VAT (including english-hungarian bilingular documents).

Setting up a company via electronic filling (without coming to Hungary)

Using our services, all necessary administration can be done digitally, without being present in Hungary or without going to a notar or embassy that would consume a lot of time. The process is fully legitimate and is up to all standards of the Hungarian jurisdiction.

We prepare the necessary papers that you recive in pdf format and after signing you sent them for us for authentication that is done during a recorded Skype / Zoom / Teams conversation. The documents that might be necessary for immediate use (Articles of association, etc.) can be signed with electronic signature (eIDAS compliant); others that is necessary in its phisical reality, shall be posted to our office (signature specimen) for countersigning.

The cost of authentication durinng the video conversation is EUR 200+VAT.

We can handle book keeping and other necessary services with our associates of Pwd Consulting Hungary.

In several industry we have great experience (eg. real estates, banking and financing, commerce, health services, logistics, investment, etc.) which we can give full legal and financial backup; in any others we can find the best specialists for you.

Please, fill  fill in this form with the data and information required to set up your company and send it by email: Company_datasheet_eng.xlsx

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